From now on I will be publishing a series of articles on Genealogy for beginners.  I intend it to be something similar to “travel notes” where authors narrate what they have seen with their own eyes and learned by experience. My work is far from being a recondite treatise and in no way I claim a comprehensive knowledge of the subject, let alone the latter is so vast it’s impossible to cover it on one’s own.

I’ve been working on my family genealogy for many years already. During these five years I have collected quite a lot of data about different surnames, localities and methodology of genealogical searches. So I decided to share my findings for it might be of some help for those searching their distant relatives. Besides that, I would like to get as many people as possible interested in building their own family tree.

My family tree is abundant in all orders and degrees of men, so I was lucky to get myself familiar with many types of genealogical search. Among my ancestors there were peasants, bourgeois, nobles, servicemen, civil servants, priests and foreign migrants. I managed to trace some branches of my family tree back to the XVth century, others 7-8 generations back (the XVIIIth century). At the same time there are branches, which I have recently started exploring and I have reached just the end of XIX century for the moment. To my mind, the more people are interested in searching for their roots, the sooner we can restore our common “family” story.

My articles can be of help for those interested in their roots, those planing to launch a search and not knowing what to start with. For those who face any questions in their searches. For those longing to learn history as it is, not the history from the school textbooks – contorted every now and then depending on political regimes. There is plenty of helpful information for everybody on genealogy search on the website