Map of the Kiev Churches in XIX century:

Bright color indicates the churches that have survived or have been restored. Pale color indicates the churches that have been destroyed or liquidated.

Red – the Orthodox Churches.

Orange – Old Believer Churches.

Yellow – the Synagogues.

Green – a Muslim house of worship.

Blue – Lutheran church.

Violet – Roman Catholic churches.

Grey – the cemetery.

Brown – the monasteries.

All the churches associated with organizations (schools, shelters) are located on the map at these organizations addresses.

Attention! Map is incomplete and may have inaccuracies, I could not find all churches on a map – feel free to add any useful information in comments.

The following sources were used to create this map:

  • CDIAK catalog of Kiev parish registers
  • Plan of Kiev with suburb, by S. V. Kulzhenko, 1894
  • Memorial Books of Kiev province and guide “All Kiev”
  • Web Sites: and others