Genealogy for Beginners

Welcome to Genea genealogy site!

My name is Julia, I am amateur genealogist from Ukraine. In the process of searching I accumulated a lot of useful additional information. This information, as well as the information that other researchers are sending to me, I place to this blog.

Materials are grouped by topic:

Genealogy for Beginners – notes about my genealogy search experience: the organization of the search process, features of working in the archives and reading old documents, interesting findings. This information will be useful to anyone who begins to study their genealogy.

Search for localities – data on localities in Ukraine – their history, archival numbers of cases, found archival records. The focus on Kyiv, Volyn and Chernihiv province – here I am looking for my genealogy. Ideally, I would like to cooperate with other researchers and to create a database of all settlements of Ukraine.

Surnames – information on selected genuses (which I am searching for) – will be interesting to all namesakes and possible distant relatives.

Please leave your messages in the comments on the relevant articles.

I hope that the information found here will help you in your genealogy search!